Sunday, July 9, 2017

Despicable M3 -- Movie Review

After a long long time, we saw a movie with Kuku. My Arien cousin picked the movie because he knew that Kuku loves minions. We wanted to see how Kuku would react to the whole movie experience. His first movie experience did not really work out for us (you can read about that here) and we were hoping the second one would be better. It was but only slightly so.

The movie was just ok. The story seemed a bit too familiar - the separated at birth story of Gru and Dru had me wondering if Hollywood was now borrowing from Bollywood. I think the producers are in love with sequels because the earlier film worked. However, unlike Toy Story sequels, I felt more than a bit let down by this movie. Some of the Bratt scenes were genuinely funny - especially with music from the 90s which probably no one else except the Generation X (ones after the baby boomers) would recall.

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Kuku refused to stay put in his seat or wear his 3D glasses. He walked all around, sat on the steps, tried some pop corn, and some nachos. He kept putting his hand between seats and scaring the couple in front of us. Whenever I pulled him away, he would go for a walk in the darkened theatre looking for a kindred someone who would be good company as they both run up and down the steps. Luckily for me, he did not find anyone.

The Arien commented "I think we should not try this for another 3 more years". I groaned :(

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