Friday, October 31, 2014

17 out of 31 -- Not bad -- XVIII

Well, well, well.... Ok, so I could not post everyday but 17 is not too bad. In fact, as far as I know, its my highest number of posts in a month. A new record, if you really think 'bout it- Yeah!! Time for the Bing Dance :D

Well, I am glad I tried. It makes me believe in myself.

Now, I should really set realistic targets and work towards them. Starting off with daily posts for 1 month may have been a bit unrealistic considering I had not blogged in almost a year. But, 17 is not too bad. Am I saying that too much?? Hmmm..

It could have been better but who am I kidding - I am so glad I got 17 at least :D

I have a new plan for November. Fingers crossed. You'll hear from me soon. Tada!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sick Sick Sick -- XVII

Just wen I celebrated one week of continuous posting, I knew I will not be able to pull off 31 days of posting :( Anyway, I hope I can post 20 at least. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, after our trip to get Kuku's mundan done, which happened without major hitches, I was feeling victorious though we were all a bit tired from the short weekend trip. And then his birthday celebrations went off Ok. And just when I was ready to breathe easy, we all fell sick around Diwali. With pollution at its peak with the horrendous amount of patakas that were burst near our apartment and in our street, it is not at all a wonder that we all fell sick.

We have been sick for almost a week. I was off on Monday and Tuesday. The Arien was off almost all week. Kuku is still recovering.Of course, everyone has been calling in and giving me unsolicited gyaan and much needed TLC "Its OK - Do not worry". I just wish we are all back to normal health soon and Kuku starts throwing his tantrums instead of being a sickly toddler.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Double Birthday Celebrations -- Kuku's Birthday - XVI

Because of a number of reasons, Kuku ended up having two celebrations for his first birthday. One reason is that he shares his birthday with his oldest cousin on his dad's side and so we had a joint big dinner celebration on the 17th. Kuku, officially, not allowed to eat cake, threw a tantrum as he watched the cake make the rounds and soon insisted on eating a bit from everyone. When everyone settled down to eat dinner and he had to have his Ragi, he threw his second tantrum and spat out the Ragi on me. Again, insisted on eating from everyone, while I stared aghast :(

The second celebration was a lunch celebration on the 18th and cake had been ordered on this day as well. As usual, he tasted as much of cake as possible. He tried and tasted most of the dishes we had all ordered and generally had a great time. I was a little worried about his digestion but he threw such awful tantrums when I tried to stop him that I knew I was fighting a losing battle.

This is a new him, I notice. Earlier, he would eat anything offered, occasionally scrunching up his eyes or crying to indicate displeasure but eating it all the same. Now, its like 'NO' without actually saying anything and totally and completely refusing to eat whatever given. Its like he will choose what he will eat and it better be what we are eating and not his usual stuff :( 

Happy Birthday to lil Kuku -- Time Flies -- XV

This year has been a roller-coaster ride. How so you ask?
  • From crying tears of happiness when he did something cute To crying tears of desperation when he sometimes cried non-stop at night and refused to sleep
  • From listening to solicited and unsolicited advice and following them To listening to unsolicited advice but following them only it makes sense for both us (me and Kuku)
  • From watching absolutely no TV To watching something after Kuku is asleep
  • From settling into a pattern and getting comfortable To realizing that there is a new pattern and adapting myself to it and realizing that change is all that is permanent
  • From wondering when he will hit the next milestone To being patient and accepting that he will do it when he wants to
  • From lamenting my lack of support situation To accepting all the help when I get it  
  • From trying to do it all To accepting that I really cannot do it all
  • From reveling in the role of a mother To wondering if that is all I am   
  • From not taking any break away from him To taking small breaks away from him (works so well for both of us)
  • From seeing him as a doll like baby To seeing him as a person who can communicate his happiness (big smile followed by a small hug), dislikes (turning down his lips and crying), anger (violent shaking of head with a yell), and other funny mannerisms which I am slowly learning to decode.
Well, it has been a year of learning, a year of fun and tears, a year of silent desperation when I suffered a lot of self-doubt, a year of good progress, a year of understanding each other, and a year of building trust. And considering that I love amusement rides, well, I really should not be complaining :D 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

This day last year -- XIV

Last year, this day, I was getting a scan done. My due date was still two weeks away. I was having various complaints - could not sleep though I wanted to sleep - in fact could not even lie down without waking up with a sharp twinge of pain. I was always uncomfortable and it felt great to be seated with my back against the wall. But, only for a bit. Walking to and fro helped for a bit. Almost everything helped but only for a bit. It was like I had to be moving all the time. It made me feel so restless.

In a home filled with males, nobody bothered beyond "Do you think you are in labour? No? OK. Cool". I was getting bugged and a bit cranky. It was just an ordinary day. If I had known I was going to deliver the next day, I would have panicked big-time and drove the others nuts! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

All 'bout lil Kuku - Part 2 - XII

We landed at Thanjavur and opted to catch a passenger train to Nagapattinam. We usually take a bus but this time we were taking the train. I cannot remember much of that journey except that I was fast asleep and Kuku was fast asleep in my arms. When I woke up, I noticed that most of my co-passengers including my relatives were all in different states of sleep as well. We got off at Nagapattinam and then took a taxi to Velankanni. It was warm and felt like 1 or 2 in the afternoon but it was barely 8:45 in the morning.

The moment we check into a hotel, all of us were glad to be out of the sun and Kuku was very happy that he was allowed to crawl. He went from one end of the room to the other and actually giggled.

The mundan was planned for sometime between 2-4 and all of us were ready or so I thought. Kuku fell asleep around 12. Completely and totally tired out with a light fever. I fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with the Arien. I woke up an hour later. Actually, I almost jumped out of the bed in fear that Kuku had fallen off the bed. But, he was still sleeping soundly. Everyone had had their lunch and the Arien had brought me something to eat which I gladly wolfed down. Just as we were wondering what to do - Kuku woke up on his own. He was a lil run down but very glad to see us, it seemed.

The actual mundan process took less than 20 mts. Kuku was totally oblivious of what was going on or did not care. So, the first part when smoothly. And then suddenly, he cared a helluva lot. He started screaming, I was ready to cry, the Arien hoped that Kuku would not get cut, and just like that it was over.

And the joke - Kuku does not think there is anything different in his reflection. I mean, U'd think he would notice that there was no hair but No, Kuku hardly notices. He waves to his reflection, tries to kiss it, and makes faces at me in the mirror. Well, glad that that is over. Big sigh of relief.