Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First Post of 2014 -- all 'bout lil kuku

Slowest start to the New Year in terms of blogging... but its a start. Lil kuku is now ~ 5.5 months and allows me some breathing space.. not much but a little. I have started working - from home. While he is angry that I spend more time with the box (my laptop), he ensures that he gets my attention by wailing :)

Time sure flies.. he was a tiny tot that cried all the time and now he is a slightly bigger tot who observes things and wants to put everything in his mouth. If he does not get anything to put into his mouth, he will chew on his fingers till they are full of drool. And then, he will want to reach for my  hand or dress. His dad and uncle shy away from his affections during this time. His grandpa and self  accept the inevitable. If its not his drool-filled fingers, it will be his spit-up, or his loo and I think drool is definitely better than the rest :D All the above are followed by his stock-in-trade gummy smile that the anger within you melts away. (Not at all times, though)

He gets frightened by the noise that the pressure cooker or mixer make. Ironically, his piercing wails  are louder and more shrill than the sound that either the cooker or mixer make :)

I have not stepped out much and yesterday was baby and mommy's day out - we visited the mall where kuku stared at all the people, the lights, the colors, the noise and everything. It was fun.

First post of 2014 -- Yeah!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

5 Statements U do not mention in front of a new momma

There are a number of things that can make a new momma smile. There are more number of things that can make the new momma cry or get really angry. Here are some gems that must not be uttered in front of a new momma. Note: These are not added based on personal experience ;)
  • Why does the baby have a weird-shaped head/ alien-like head? (Fact: Most babies born naturally do not have well-rounded heads that you see in advertisements. )
  • When are you due? (Unless you know for sure that the lady in question has not yet delivered, do not ask this.)
  • Have you fed the baby? Why is the baby crying? (A new momma spends almost all her waking hours feeding the baby and she is likely to lose it when everyone she meets ask the same question. Fact: Babies cry for a number of reasons)
  • Whoa. How many kilos did you put on? (Fact: Most new momma(s) will not look like Lara Dutta and will take a while to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. Any reminders are actually not welcome)
  • X's baby is so cute. (This kinda implies that this baby is not cute which is kinda rude.)
Feel free to share the statements that bugged you or even the ones you uttered making another new momma cry.

Thanks Dew, for your comment on the statements that bugged you :)

  • Why are you looking so tired??[ All new moms dont look like they just got ready for a party. Most, for example people like me, never manage sleep time at all...Meaning even a wink of sleep during the night]
  • Why is your baby crying all the time??[ Well, tell me why if you know for sure ]
  • Are you pregnant? [ At the airport when I was holding an infant and still trying to lose some weight, the airline staff asked me!!!]
  • Whatever happened to your long thick and beautiful plaited hair style?? [ Well... there is just no time for worries like this anymore..]
  • You must have taken some care of your face... Look at all the pigmentation marks..[ Just may be.. just may be I had a tough pregnancy time and face care seemed the last priority. So why bother reminding me that I should have, could have..I just didn't. Simple!!]

Saturday, November 16, 2013

... It's a Boy!

We welcomed our bundle of joy, a baby boy, on October 17th this year. Life as we knew it, does not exist anymore. Sleep-deprivation is the order of the day. TV, books, newspaper, and other forms of entertainment have been pushed so far that they barely exist for us. Food, the stuff I like, has been removed from my diet. The Arien, at least, gets to enjoy food from outside. Are we complaining? Yeah... But, would we wish it otherwise - NO WAY!

To new learnings, new beginnings, and an exciting experience.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Arien is Back!

Yes.. the Arien has relocated back to Bangalore. After an amazing amount of weekend travel between Hyderabad and Bangalore and continuous cribbing about how much he misses Bangalore (not me, mind you!), the Arien had his first big real smile as he called me on Skype and informed me of his imminent move, a while ago.

Me? I had a goofy grin pasted on my face for a loong time. In fact, I did not pick a fight with him for quite some time and refused to disagree with any of his plans (however much I secretly disagreed with them). After he came back, the niceness got a bit boring and I went back to my usual self :D

Ohh.. and before I forget: This is my 251st post on blogger :D Cheers to me!!