Saturday, October 15, 2016

2 weeks completed -- Yeah!

When the Arien suggested we watch Kabali - the Rajnikant movie, I wanted to say No but I actually said Yes. The movie was not bad but was far from good or great. I really do not have the heart or the mind to review the movie and so kindly adjust maadi. I cannot believe I actually sat through two sittings of that movie. 

The good news is that I completed two weeks of daily posts!! Yeah!! Calls for celebration but not of Kabali variety :(

Friday, October 14, 2016

What I am reading now?

I have opted to stay away from classics for a bit. This week, I started Rainmaker by John Grisham. I thought I had read it before but after reading a few pages, I realized that I hadn't read this book at all. I found it interesting and I doubt I will be able to finish this book before next week. I was a big fan of John Grisham novels a while ago and so I am unable to believe I hadn't read this book earlier. Anyway, its good. It reads like a very early novel and I like it so far.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

All about Kuku -- Birthday Month Challenge

If you are suddenly wondering why this month's posts are mostly about Kuku, its because it is that month of the year. Yeah Yeah - you guessed it right! Kuku is turning 3 this year in a few days. We do not have anything major planned. His school celebrates birthdays in a very simple manner and I like that. Kuku has been singing "Happy birthday to youuuuu" for the past couple of days and so the Arien asked the teacher what is expected of us. The Arien wanted him to bunk school so we could take him out. I do not want him to miss the school celebration. So, we are actually sending him to school on his birthday. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dashing Cars at Gopalan Mall -- Kuku has fun

It was a holiday for the Arien and me. Staying at home with Kuku is not an option anymore. The moment he knows both of us are around, he insists on going out. We decided a visit to the mall was a good option. I thought we were going to Phoenix Mall but we ended up at Gopalan Mall. Apart from one ride-on, there is nothing of major interest in the Gopalan Mall was my thought. There was a play area on the top floor and so we decided to visit that place. The Play Area did not match the ones we have been to at Phoenix or VR malls. It smells like a place stuffed with people and machines - not a nice smell. The only positive was that they allowed Kuku on the Dashing cars if he was accompanied by his Dad. That had him absolutely happy and excited. At every other place he is not allowed even with an adult for company.  Nice day!

Monday, October 10, 2016

1 week completed - Yeah!

Working from home most of this week because Dad had his cataract surgery last week (Friday). He has to avoid dust, TV, stoves because of their flames, etc. The last time he had this surgery was before Kuku was born. Everything was a lot easier because I could fully take care of him. Now, with Kuku having holidays and Dad with all the restrictions post surgery, it is a miracle I have not gone mad yet. I do lose my temper often :(

Well, this one is a short post and is mostly an update on my daily blog post resolution. 9 posts - good going! Lets hope I can do as well next week! All the Best to me!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kuku and his anna -- Weekend Melodrama

Kuku loves playing with his anna (older cousin brother). When his anna comes visiting, Kuku is very happy. He will insist on showing his anna his latest toys, his puzzles, and go on races with him on his ride-on till they both tire of it. When anna has to leave, Kuku gets very upset and cries bucket loads of tears. Its a very difficult situation to handle. Everyone feels very guilty for separating them.

This weekend, anna and his family came home around 10:30 pm. Because it was quite late, they had planned on a short visit. Kuku had difficulty coming to terms with this and before he started crying, the Arien requested his brother to let Kuku's anna stay the night and whole of next day with us. Kuku's joy knew no bounds as he prepared the bed for anna.

Sunday was fraught with episodes that I find funny now but I was struggling with at that time, that I have to list them here:

  • Kuku wakes up pretty early irrespective of the time he falls asleep. When anna is around, he pretty much does not care if we exist. With great difficulty, we stopped him from jumping on anna's stomach to wake anna up.
  • Kuku refused to brush or drink his milk. Finally, after all our patience was totally exhausted, we told him anna was going home. Immediately, he offered to allow us to brush his teeth and also drank his milk in no time. I hate emotional blackmail but we were fighting a losing battle.
  • Kuku believed that anna had left while he was having his bath. No idea why he felt that but he cried and hiccuped for an entire hour screaming "Anna Anna Annnnnnaaa". The whole crying episode was so ridiculous especially since anna was watching TV, in plain sight, and came running in response to his cries. Anna was not hiding. No one understood what had happened.
  • Kuku insisted that Anna play only the games he himself wanted to play, so anna was a bit bored after a while.
  • Anna was also forced to sleep when it was Kuku's nap-time and the poor fella struggled to fall asleep (he is an active 13 year old who hates to waste time sleeping). 
What a weekend!