Saturday, January 31, 2015

Resolutions for 2015

So, I typed the title and stared at the screen for a long time. I mean, I have a number things I want for this year. But, I want to make a list of only those ones that I will close before the end of this year. And that was becoming a tough list to create. I have a history of coming up with resolutions and not really keeping them and so for a change, I want to do things differently :)

Sometimes a resolution with specifics or measures makes it achievable quite as long as I am motivated to do it. For instance, lose 5 kilos before the end of the year. Lose 5 kilos in 3 months - It is possible. But, can I do it? Bottom line, as always, these resolutions boil down to me.

So, instead of coming up with a bunch of resolutions that are easy to make and break - I decided to come up with a list of achievable resolutions for 2015. And since, according to research, 80% of the people who came up with resolutions tend to break all or most of their resolutions before the end of January, I have decided to come up with my list at the end of the month. Here goes:
  • Walk for about 30 minutes - 5 days in a week if not every day. 
  • Eat sensibly to lose 5 Kilos in 5 months time.
  • Blog once a week or post 4-5 blogposts a month.
  • Read 1 book a month - re-reading an old book is also allowed as long as I read it again completely.
  • Try 1 new thing every month - something I have not attempted in the past.
  • Take 1 trip per quarter for the change of scene that it gives you - it need not be a big trip - a weekend away or even a single day outing is also fine as long as you are not in your home.
  • Start going for driving lessons and drive your car to office before the year ends.
As you can see, none of them are very challenging and should be achievable soon. Well, lets see. It all depends on me. I wonder if I should tack this on my laptop - something which I stare at everyday so I remember them and do something. All the Best to me.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Maze Runner - Movie Review

Finally, a movie review. After Maleficent, I got to watch Maze Runner this week. Kuku was ok for a bit. When he started to throw a tantrum,  I was able to put him to sleep. And so, we were able to watch the movie without too many breaks :)

Image Courtesy:

The movie started off very well - a guy is in a lift kinda thing which is traveling at a very fast pace in the upward direction - he is awake and is trying to get out but is not able to and finally loses consciousness. The lift stops and the top part opens and he sees that he is being watched by a whole bunch of people (guys mostly). He is unable to remember anything and is being led to the leader. He seems curious and has a million questions and finds the people (boys and young men) strangely accepting of the situation they are in. The movie manages to sustain a level of suspense and we are as eager as the new guy (greenie or newbie) to know the answers.

There were some good moments and at some level you are wondering if this movie is like the hunger games trilogy and are excited. But, somehow the movie manages to fall flat. The ending with the twist is so passe` and a person who could not be there - is. Either editing was missed or the shot should have been handled or taken differently. Also, it is quite clear that there will be a sequel to this movie - maybe more than one.

I wanted to check if this movie was based on a book as I missed the initial part, and I found that Yes it was part of a series, written by James Dashner. He has two sequels and 2 prequels to this book. Well, I plan to catch up with the books. I usually like the books better than the movie - most of the time. Well, lets see.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Barbeque Nation - Restuarant review

This was not a milestone anniversary - its not even the anniversary after Kuku was born - its just another anniversary that comes every year. I cannot even remember what we did last year, we probably visited my MIL and showed kuku off.

This year, we had lunch at BBN. This is not the first time I am visiting BBN but it has been so long since I last visited that I had forgotten all 'bout it. The Arien had had this restaurant on his Christmas wishlist but it did not happen. So, we somehow made this happen for our Anniversary. Apart from the OhmyGod! food, the visit gave me a post - Hurrah! Another first - my first restaurant review for this year.

Some things to note if you have not been there before: BBN is not a place for vegetarians who do not prefer restaurants where both veg and non-veg is cooked and served. Its also not a place if you do not like barbeques or grilled starters. Its also not a place for a person on a diet.

If the above points do not apply to you (I put off my diet for the meal), its decent fare. The service was good. The vegetarian starters consisted of: Paneer, Bhindi, Stuffed Litchi (very different), Soya (Nice), Mushroom (So-so), and Potato Wedges. Paneer, Bhindi, and Potato are staples and they were as ok as can be. There was a seafood festival going on and so the Arien enjoyed his starters - Squid, Prawns, Fish.. I was quite busy with Kuku to pay attention. The Arien ordered French Fries for Kuku which came unsalted but Kuku managed to have 2 (amazing).

By the time, I had tasted a bit of each of the starters, I was feeling kinda stuffed. And, then the Arien asked me to get some of the main course while he held Kuku. My memory had gone with the last of the starters, I think :P I opted to have a bit of the Kashmiri Pulav (Kuku seems to like Basmati rice a lot) and Schezwan noodles. I did not want to have any rotis. Kuku was stuffed too.. he refused to take any more. They had a decent dessert section as well - but we dropped it to try the Kulfi. I wanted to know what the fuss about the Kulfi was. I chose the mango Kulfi with mango crush - overdid the mango bit but it was ok. The Arien chose the kesar pista Kulfi which was chopped into slices and had nuts, roohafza et al. I was feeling quite stuffed after the meal and it was ob. I had kissed my diet goodbye not for this meal but for an entire week :(

The Arien really enjoyed the food, Kuku was better than usual, and just when we were ready to leave, some of the serving staff decided to dance for Remo Fernandez's goan songs. The songs are infectious but the dancing was totally so-so. Kuku was zapped at the music and stared at the dance unblinkingly. And then we were off for the visit. When we returned home it was 8. All three of us were tired out of our senses but it would be 12 before I slept. Kuku took a while to get sleeping and so I could not fall asleep earlier. Inspite of that, it was way better than last year.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First Ride on the Phatphatiya

Kuku took his first ride on the Phatphatiya on Sunday. I thought the hassle of taking the car and finding a place to park it would be an issue and so I suggested going by bike. Also, Kuku has not taken a ride on the bike and so I thought it would be fun. Hahahahahaha :D

Getting onto the phatphatiya was a breeze earlier but getting onto one with Kuku in my arms was an entirely different thing. And the joke, he refused to recognize the Arien, who was wearing his helmet and wailed shrill-ly until the Arien took off the helmet. After Kuku could see who it was, it still took a while to calm him down. Anyway, I got on and took him. It was obvious it was all new. Kuku wanted to continue wailing as the breeze hit his face full-force. Thankfully, he saw a cow grazing on garbage and he went 'MAAA' and no - it is not what you think. Kuku was not calling the cow his mom or his mom a cow but was actually imitating the sound that the cow makes.

Kuku was not interested in sitting in front i.e on the front seat or actually the petrol tank of the bike, at all. He was not comfortable riding pillion with me but of the two, he was ok with the latter. In fact, after the Polio drops session, after we reached our parking lot, I tried to move him to the front seat and he screamed - again, the Arien had to remove the helmet and calm him down. (I guess he thought the Arien was an alien from the way he screamed.) He was ok but not really comfortable - more like - I will put up with this for a few seconds and then I will wail. And then, finally, a small smile to say - Oh OK - when it ended.

The ride as such was fun because it was for a short distance. It was awkward for me as well. I mean, I dunno how zillions of women do this. I was terrified that I would lose my balance and fall down - probably on Kuku. I was terrified that the Arien would lose balance and we would all plonk down. I was actually glad it was over. I think so was Kuku :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pulse Polio Program -- Why does your baby need it?

I guess most folks know this but I didn't. When some family members called to let me know that the Pulse Polio program was going on last year, I listened but did not bother to go get Kuku vaccinated at the government health centers. I thought, we have already taken the polio injection for Kuku - so why stand in a queue with zillion other people to get it? My SIL called and told me how it was very important and that even if I have missed one, I should take care to get it done when it was being done again. I was confused but did not want Kuku to suffer because I took the decision not to.

This year, the Pulse Polio program happened on Sunday19th January. Again, the same family members called and informed me and we wondered where we could get it done. I was told that I could visit the nearest railway station, government school, etc. to get it for Kuku. We started out for the railway station and were told that there were people waiting near the nearby temple or a bit further - who were volunteers for the program and they could give the drops for Kuku. We did not see anyone near the temple and so we decided to keep going when we saw a banner for the Polio drops. I was apprehensive of the queue, the crowds, etc. as I imagined a zillion people before us but there was no one! We went in, got it done, Kuku had a mark on his little finger to indicate he had taken the drops, and we were back home before you could say Pulse Polio :D

I came home and wanted to read up and I found this article very helpful:

Now, I know why we must take these drops and will go for every one of these sessions. If you missed it, do not worry. The next one is scheduled for next month. Keep an eye out for the advertisements in the newspapers. I will also post a reminder.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


So, the other day I was cribbing to the Arien about how the number of blog posts per year seems to be going down steadily in my blog. In fact, I mentioned that it may reach zero soon. I must have sounded really upset because the Arien offered to share his pics and play the role of a guest blogger in times of need.

Yesterday, I shared one of his latest pictures for my Wordless Wednesdays post. The pics I share are usually always taken by him and so its not such a big deal but still -  that was enough to make me go - Eureka!!! At least, my blog will not be starved of posts in the eventuality that I (in spite of resolutions) forget to write/post.

Oh and Happy Sankranthi - Happy Pongal Folks! Have a nice one :)