Saturday, December 15, 2018

Theme Change and general rant

I have been using the same theme for so long now that I opted for a change - I did not want to lose my window settings and so I chose from the same theme category. I may change it again before long as it looks too pinkish for my taste but lets see.

If you have subscribed to my blog you may realize that I am back-posting stuff. I have been busy and tired and worn out but I really really wanted to get back to some of the things that used to and continue to matter to me - like my blog, my reading, my fitness etc etc in that order.

Kuku has gone back to school after his holidays and Bubu is fast asleep - I should be sleeping but I wanted to get at least a single guilty pleasure out of the way before he wakes up and so here I am :)   

I am yet to post the X-mas decoration pics which I always do - waiting as usual for the Arien. The moment he steps in to the house, I have a whole bunch of requests - get this, buy that, hold him, feed him - I meant him not him, etc etc and so the Arien now feels that the office is the only place he can get some peace :D

I hope to get back to reading soon but I doubt Bubu will let me get back to that. Lets see :)

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